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All your questions answered as rare Coorong shacks hit the market

This is one of the most unique, rare and tightly held getaway locations of anywhere in South Australia… and until now, no one could sell it, even if they wanted to.

Hidden away in the world-famous Coorong, is the old fishers’ village of Barker Knoll at the northern head of the Younghusband Peninsula. It’s one of the most magnificent spots you’ll ever come across, and you can now purchase a 30-year leasehold for not one, but two incredibly rare historic cottages here.

Why is the location so unique?

Situated at the gateway to the 150km long Coorong, this spot is just a few minutes boat ride from Mundoo Channel boat ramp. This is the ultimate place to unwind with family and friends – where ocean, Murray Mouth and Coorong fishing can bring you a haul of mullet, mulloway, flathead and more. Where the waterskiing and picnic paradise of The Sahara’s is in your panoramic views (and just a quick boat sprint south), and more than 240 bird species roam. It’s an environment like no other.

These Coorong shacks are so iconic, they were even used as models for the remake of the latest Storm Boy film, with the furniture inside used as props! Not only this, but world-famous adventurer Alby Mangels had his film crew stay there back in the 1980s.

And are they cute? They couldn’t be any cuter or any more laden with character and charm, boasting all the quirkiness and patina of a much-loved family holiday retreat for some 50 years.

What’s inside the shacks?

Occupying perhaps the very best shoreline site, the shacks offer a total of three bedrooms: two in the main building (a double and a bunk-room) snugged into the sandhill with quaint chimneys; and one big gorgeous, white-themed double bedroom dubbed ‘the love shack’ for its romantic, old-world atmosphere, water views and warming wood stove for cool nights.

Entering the kitchen and meals area from the sunken veranda is a step back in time. Raked timber ceilings, window-lit hearth and views have made this cosy space a haven for generations, the perfect place to draw the family together at the end of idyllic days. The old woodstove is still in good condition, and a gas refrigerator keeps things cool.

With its eclectic décor (more photos here), you’ll easily imagine the stories held by the walls of this room, host to remarkable characters over many years enjoying the pleasure of a visit: legendary filmmakers, artists, winemakers and local identities whose names are legend to the region.

 How do we get there?

‘Island’ living has some special challenges, of course, and you should consider these before making an enquiry. You need a boat to get there because the 8-hour drive from Tea Tree or 42 Mile crossing further South might be inconvenient.  And your stays need to be self-contained: Goolwa shopping and facilities are about 20 minutes from the Mundoo boat ramp. Being a National Park, you’ll also need to upgrade sewage management with installation of a holding tank within five years of taking on the lease.

Does it have power and water?

Currently, you can get by with solar power, battery storage and inverter. It includes 12-volt lighting and some 240v power for essentials such as ‘phone charging’. These could be expanded or supplemented with a generator.

There’s a rainwater tank which gravity feeds water to the kitchen.

What else is included on the property?

The new retaining wall and jetty to the waterfront is in great condition, perfect for walking down onto the beach to relax or jump in your boat and catch a day’s quota of fish.

A firepit is a great place to gather between the two shacks, watching the sunset over the water.

A shed provides storage, and also houses the water closet.

What does the leasehold require?

While the shacks are available for a 30-year leasehold, this includes a five-year interim period where a holding tank for wastewater is to be installed. If you’re a bit handy, these works could be carried out by yourself, but need to be signed off by a qualified plumber. And, of course, consider the costs of getting equipment to the island.

If both shacks are owned by the same person, we have it under consideration that the relevant authorities would more than likely look fondly upon only one tank being installed for both shacks. They would also consider the lease titles being amalgamated, and one larger building being built over both leases.

What fish can I catch in the area?

The Lakes and Coorong fishery is known as a multi-species and multi-method fishery. The native species on offer include Black bream, Golden perch, Greenback flounder, Mulloway, Pipi (Goolwa cockle), yellow-eye mullet and Bony bream. The exotic species most often caught include European carp and Redfin.

For more information on quotas and fishing management of the area, visit Department of Primary Industries and Regions website here.

How do I register interest or make an offer?

When it comes to the nitty-gritty, the offers for both leases must be ONE figure. If multiple people or a group choose to separate each lease and name various owners, that’s up to them, but it will only be accepted as one offer to the vendor.

And what happens after 30 years? We have it on good intel that it is very likely that the leasehold will be renewed, making it a great investment for future generations of Island-goers.

Best offers must be made by 12pm on November 20 – unless sold previously. Visit the website to make contact with Property Agent Alastair.