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Soil health a priority with property sales

Navigating the unique challenges of selling or buying a rural property can be a minefield.

Whether it be a multi-million-dollar agricultural property or a smaller lifestyle block, we’ve seen it all here at Spence Dix and Co Property.

With a passion for land and improving productivity, our regionally-based and owned real estate team is unique, with boots-on-the-ground knowledge of how to best achieve results for your property.

As a former Tintinara farmer, with a diverse background in sheep, cattle, pigs and cropping, I believe in getting the most out of your land, whether you’re selling or buying. A passion of mine is land improvement, in particular soil amelioration, which can have a big impact on future productivity.

When looking to buy, getting further advice regarding the soil type and health is invaluable. Soil type can vary from property to property, and quite often even change within the same paddock. Knowing your property’s soil potential – and its current limitations – and planning to improve these in ways that align with the use you have in mind for that land is important to make the most informed decisions regarding your investment.

There are many ways and means of improving soil health, from delving, to deep ripping and clay or lime spreading, to name a few.  Using such measures to improve productivity is certainly a big plus when it comes to paying back principal and interest on loans.

When seeking sound advice on soil amelioration, we have direct contact with local experts in their fields from agronomists to soil health experts all the way through to the local contractors with the machinery to undertake the processes.

The scope is there to expand with scale in the Upper South East, Murraylands and the Mallee, with a strong demand for desirable properties.

Here at Spence Dix & Co Property we’re focused on helping buyers and sellers with knowledge-based advice, from those who live and breathe the rural market.

– By Alastair Johnson
Property Sales, Spence Dix & Co