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How to market your rural property to get the best outcome

A rural property is probably the most valuable lifetime asset that farmers have, and as such they need to prepare themselves and their property to achieve the best possible outcome.

When it comes to designing a plan that will best reflect your rural property, be sure to enlist a local specialist Rural Property Agent. They will not only listen to your hopes and desires, but they will design a marketing plan right for you.

As far as housekeeping is concerned, we advise you to:

  • Have a conversation with all parties that have ownership or involvement in the property you are considering selling. This ensures everyone is on the same page, regarding the process and the Agent entrusted with the sale.
  • Consult your accountant or financial advisors about any capital gains, tax and family structure plans that need to be considered.
  • Do you have a plan B in mind for your future? As Agents, we can be a sounding board to offer assistance if desired.

When choosing a Rural Property Agent, questions we think you should consider include:

  • Does the Agent have knowledge and understanding of your area and the industry you operate in, be it cropping, livestock, irrigation, farming practices, soil types, pastures, or experience in the rural real estate industry?
  • Do they have integrity, empathy, the ability to listen, good negotiation skills, a history of success, and respect in the industry?
  • Do they have backup that can produce the quality and content of promotional material and access to tech to best promote your property?
  • Do you think you can trust them to share the sale journey, communicate, and guide you through the process to a stress-free and successful outcome?

As Agents, we have a team that can provide the experience, enthusiasm and support to work with you to develop the appropriate marketing program to achieve the best possible sale outcome.

We’ll inspect your property with you, offer any guidance on works that will improve the appeal for purchasers, gather information that will be integral in providing marketing material and tech that will be targeted to prospective purchasers, and prepare a costed marketing plan.

We’ll explain the methods of sale, be it Auction, Expressions of Interest, Private Sale with a price, Best Offers with an end date, or the emerging online options.

We are passionate about helping clients get the best possible outcome for their farm asset. We certainly respect and understand the responsibility and emotion that is part of this process and feel the Spence Dix & Co Property Team is best placed to be entrusted with their sale.

– By Greg Window, Spence Dix & Co Rural Property Specialist